Curriculum Tracker for Mochary

The Mochary Method Curriculum helps people become the best managers they can be. We worked with The Mochary Method team to build a progress tracker and content management system for their curriculum to help train companies and employees more easily.

Mochary Method
June 2021
Design & Development
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This project required us to build 3 distinct user types, and design a simple user interface to help users track their team's progress through The Mochary Method Curriculum to becoming a better manager. With the current Google doc setup that the Mochary team was using, they were unable to quickly see each companies progress with the curriculum.

Our approach

We designed a shared dashboard that was unique for each user's role, and made it possible for users to see each of their teammates progress along the way. Each user is able to quickly see where they left off so they can get back into the learning material without searching. And the Mochary team gets their own holistic view of each company's progress so they can encourage and help others when needed to finish their learning.

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