Small Projects

To help us serve our clients (and ourselves) better, we created an internal app that works well with our custom workflows and processes. This has allowed us to ship work faster, and provide them with clear and automatic updates for projects or specific tasks.

Small Studio
June 2021
Design & Development
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We've tried everything under the sun to manage our projects (Notion, Clickup, Coda, etc) and when it came to security, project clarity, and transparency for clients, there wasn't anything that fit our processes.

Our approach

After finishing the "build vs buy" discussion about us creating our own internal project management software, we laid out our internal process docs and asked ourselves, "If we could build any project management system, what would we want it to accomplish?" Three big things made our list: client transparency, task resolution speed, and process centralization. So we designed and built a tool that allows us to quickly and neatly organize tasks by project and client, allows our teams to filter and create task views that are unique to them so they can focus on their own work, and communicate specific task and full project updates to clients automatically as they're completed.

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